ICONICS — a US-based corporation, founded in 1986, is a world leader in the development of software for process control systems and automated enterprise management system that helps visualizing and analyzing of real-time information and making it mobile for any applications and using any devices.

ICONICS products are used by 70% of world's largest companies of the Fortune 500 rating and allow improving
the energy saving, profitability, responsiveness, efficiency and competitive performance of the customers.

ICONICS products are used in the oil & gas industry, in building automation, housing and utilities sector, transportation and many other industries.

ICONICS key products: SCADA software suit GENESIS64 — 64-bit software of the new generation for industrial visualization systems; Hyper Historian — high-speed server, designed to archive large amounts of data with a performance of more than 150 thousand tags per second; AnalytiX — a package of products that analyze large amounts of data in real time; as well as the MobileHMI application, designed for mobile and tablet devices, makes it possible
for you to monitor data and equipment from any part of the world.

AERODISK – storage vendor founded in 2011 year. When developing solutions, we strive to achieve the performance and functionality of expensive Hi-End solutions with a limited budget.

In our products we use only advanced and alternative technologies, focusing on optimizing the cost of storing and processing data.

Application of innovative approaches makes AERODISK solutions the most competitive in comparison with more expensive top vendors.

AERODISK provided as classic hardware storage and as software-defined storage (SDS).

AERODISK software has been tested and certificated by:
• Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent)
• Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation

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Tarantool is a platform for performing fast OLTP and storing massive datasets. Tarantool is comprised of three products. In-Memory Data Grid is a distributed real-time database with an application server that supports transactions and offers a reliable data storage. Tarantool 360 is a data virtualization solution based on In-Memory Data Grid that provides a quick interface to traditional industrial data storages. Tarantool IIoT is a platform for the Industrial Internet of Things that allows maintaining a digital twin of industrial sites and transferring data from the sites to the data center and sending control commands from the data center and local hubs to the sites.

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ITSK – is the biggest IT-integrator and provider of the Information & Technology services for the energy enterprises
and industry.

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